Academic Programme

Nihmar Schools

Nihmar Basic and High Schools offer curriculum in English Language. Special attention is given to academic excellence, moral education, values for world citizenship and social & economic development.

Experience: Over 12 years


Phone: +234 802 543 3813


Our Teaching Approach

The teaching learning process at Nihmar Schools is learner-centric, activity-based and engaging. Our lessons are designed keeping in mind different learning styles and abilities of all intake.

We believe that real education moves beyond textbooks and confines of the classrooms. Thus, we lay emphasis on relating knowledge to the world around, on drawing linkages between theoretical knowledge, its practical application and spiritual significance


We sincerely believe that it is our educational value that will make a positive difference and stand us out as a brand. In addition to the curriculum approved by the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Education, we teach Moral Education, Arts and vocations, Computer Studies both theory and practical, Music, French and Ibibio languages.

Expertise & Skills

Experienced Teachers
Satisfied Parents
Happy Pupils & Students

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are spacious, airy, cheerful and well-equipped. We use a mix of traditional and modern learning resources which includes audio-visual aids.

Pupils and students are taught to be punctual, courteous and clean at all times. They are also taught to uphold:

¬ęTruthfulness as the foundation of all human virtues at all times.”


“Every child is a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from”

We provide termly learning tour in the form of excursion for pupils in senior classes and for all Nihmar High Secondary School students

Our vocational training in arts, computer practical and cultural day display adds value to academics. Termly portfolios and exhibitions of learning are presented to the whole school, parents/ guardians and community guests