Admission Details

We admit pupils and students from different part of the world irrespective of their race and creed, and we partner with parents in developing children to becoming future leaders through our rigorous educational programmes.

We sincerely believe that it is our educational value that will make a positive difference and stand us out as a brand.

Nihmar Basic School admits pupils into:
  1. Lower Reception
  2. Upper Reception
  3. Nursery One
  4. Nursery Two
  5. Primary One
  6. Primary Two
  7. Primary Three
  8. Primary Four
Nihmar High School admits students into:
  1. Junior Secondary One
  2. Junior Secondary Two
  3. Junior Secondary Three

Admission Requirements

1. Photocopy of intake’s birth certificate after sighting the original copy.
2. Photocopy of intake's previous school result/ certificate after sighting the original.
3. Photocopy (s) of immunization record (s) of the pupil after sighting the original(s).
4. Photocopy of transfer certificate after sighting the original copy.
5. Four recent passport photograph and one full size picture of the child on admission in Nihmar.
6. Passing of the school entrance test for the Primary classes.